Goodbye 2014

Today is the last day of 2014. I spent 2014 working for a baseball team, danced down Bourbon street, added another dog and cat to our family, and spent all my free time on the beach. I had an amazing year and this next year will be even better! 

My 5 New Year’s Resolutions

1: Get in Shape

Like everyone else on the planet I need to hit the gym. I am a very healthy eater and my body reflects that but this year I want to become stronger. I am happy with the way I look I just want to feel like I could out-run any man or climb any mountain. 

2: Run to Canada

Not literally. This goes along with my first resolution. My husband came up with the idea that this year we run, walk, row, and elliptical the distance it take to get from our home to Canada which is 1,170 miles. Thats about 3 mile per day. I'll update on our progress throughout the year. Which leads me to my next resolution.

3: Blog More

Most blogs are created and go unused which has sadly happened to mine. This year I will change that.

4: Get my Passport

So I can...

5: Travel More

Every year I want to do this! I have traveled a lot thats true. I have lived in the great skyscrapers of Chicago, survived winters in the great Appalachian mountains, and partied with the bright spirits of New Orleans but I long for bigger adventures. I crave to experience new cultures and lifestyles of the world. With my husband in the Navy we've had our limitations but this year we have found some new opportunities so that we can travel. It's going to take a lot of saving and planning but this one I will certainly make happen!

That's it you guys. Thats my 5! Have a Happy New Year! 


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