FIFA World Cup Starts Tomorrow!

Who else is excited for the Brazil vs Croatia match tomorrow?! I know I am!

Soccer won my heart over when I started playing back in high school and its one of the few sports I truly enjoy watching. I think the thing I love most about soccer is the actual sense of the world coming together and competing. The only other event like this is the olympics but to me there is still an essence of separation because of the variety of events to watch. When a community watches soccer they have one team to give their full blown attention to. For many countries its not just a game but what defines who they are. All the players should be proud to represent each country. I love the fun and excitement of every game and I wish to someday be able to actually attend a World Cup match. But, for now I'll settle for the local sports bar downtown.

In honor of tomorrow's opening game I've posted my favorite FIFA videos that would get anyone pumped up for tomorrows game. Enjoy!

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